Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia

Trade and economic department

Counsellor: Mrs. Dominique Kühling
Senior policy officer: Duško Krsmanović

Economic and trade department
Role of economic and trade department is to support Dutch businesses in their activities in Serbia and Montenegro and boost overall economic bilateral relations.
This is achieved primarily through advisory role on country information, matchmaking, organization of events aimed at supporting business and trade and via economic diplomacy. For this purpose, economic and trade department actively maintains relations with key government institutions and associations.
Dutch business interests in both Serbia and Montenegro develop in three main directions:

  • Market-seeking companies
  • Outsourcing companies
  • Infrastructure-platform companies

Bilateral economic and trade relations with Serbia are shaped primarily through activities of the Dutch companies. Investments of both SME sector and large companies often serves as initiator of trade activity, independently whether a company is seeking market or production capacity. Companies have recognized market potential in many consumer goods segments whereas attractive outsourcing capacities have been spotted in metal processing, ICT and transport industries. Future expansion of activities is expected in field of water management, environmental protection and energy fields.

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