Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia

Project in Focus

Waste Water Management Project in Leskovac 

With this grant the Netherlands has once again confirmed its commitment to supporting Serbia on its way to the EU regarding environmental and sanitation improvement as it complies with the EU’s wastewater Directive. Furthermore, it helps Serbia in achieving its National Environmental Strategy 


The Waste Water Management Project in Leskovac (Southern Serbia) consists of the design, construction and subsequent operation of a wastewater treatment system for the town of Leskovac and its suburbs. This includes the construction of a wastewater treatment plant and the implementation of a sewerage collection system in suburbs and neighbouring villages, covering 85,000 inhabitants and industries in Leskovac. These will lead to improved sanitation and public health, incresased environmental protection and sustainable long-term development. The project will help reducing industrial pollution. The project forms an integral part of the larger, South Morava River Wastewater Master Plan, and is expected to contribute substantially to the protection of the South Morava River and all downstream.

Contribution of the Netherlands

This project is partly funded by the Dutch Facility for Infrastructure Development (ORIO) which is a grant facility provided by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the responsibility of the Minister for Development Cooperation. This grant provides €8 of the total of €24 million and contributes to the development phase and the implementation phase of the project.

Current state of Affairs

On the 6th of June, the Netherlands-based engineering and project management consultancy Royal Haskoning signed a contract with the city of Leskovac on developing project documentation for the construction of a sewer network for 23 villages around the southern Serbian city. The project documentation development will cost EUR 480,000. Half of the funds will come from the city of Leskovac and the other half of the funds will come from the Dutch government. In February, the Serbian government, our ambassador Laurent Stokvis, and Leskovac’s Mayor Goran Cvetanovic signed an agreement on continuing the construction of a wastewater treatment facility in this southern Serbian city. The Dutch government has set aside EUR 7.9 million for the third phase of the construction, which includes building an 88-kilometer sewage network.

Who else is involved

Other parties involved for the development phase are the following: NL Agency, NL EVD International (part of NL Agency), SEIO (Serbian European Integration Office), PIU city of Leskovac Serbia, Project Consultants (Royal Haskoning, AquaDelft, IWA) who shall conduct the Development Phase, Municipal Infrastructure Support Program Serbia (MISP), RDA Jablanica and Pcinja district, EVD international, GoS Ministeries (Financing Water Planning & Environment) and GoS Agencies.


The project horizon is until 2042. The results of the development plan will constitute the project plan and will be subject to a second assessment by the grantor using the same eligibility and evaluation criteria as the first assessment of the initial project proposal.