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31 Speech on the presentation of the 2015 Budget Memorandum, House of Representatives, Tuesday 16 September 2014

Madam President, I will shortly present the budget for 2015. A budget that can best be described as ‘prudent’. Prudent in its additional expenditure. Prudent in the burden it places on individuals and businesses. And prudent in its specific forecasts about the future. Prudence is essential given the current international uncertainties, especially in view of their potential impact on our fragile economic recovery. The government is therefore seeking a balance between restoring purchasing power, reducing financial risks and increasing expenditure, as it must in the light of international tensions.

32 Tax plan focuses on reducing the tax burden on labour

The 2015 Tax Plan focuses on alleviating the tax burden on labour. A sum of €1 billion has been made available for this purpose, which will be used to reduce the lowest rate of income tax and increase the employed person’s tax credit in order to make work more profitable. These measures will partially reverse the increased tax burden arising from earlier government measures.

33 2015 Budget Memorandum: Prudence required for economic recovery

The Netherlands is slowly recovering from the crisis. Exports, corporate investments and consumption are all increasing. Economic growth in 2015 is projected at 1.25%. But the recovery is fragile and at risk from international developments. Unemployment remains high and tackling it is one of the government’s top priorities. The 2015 Budget Memorandum strikes a balance between restoring purchasing power and strengthening public finances. It also includes targeted measures to accelerate economic growth, stimulate employment and respond to the current international tensions.

34 Summary of the Budget Memorandum 2015

Despite sustained signs of recovery, the impact of the crisis will continue to be felt in 2015. The Dutch economy is slowly emerging from recession. Exports, corporate investments and consumption are stronger than in recent years and the housing market is recovering. The recovery, however, is fragile and we still have a long way to go. Many people are still looking for jobs. The persistent high level of unemployment has the government’s full attention. The improved economic outlook presented in the 2015 Budget Memorandum is also reflected in the budget. Earlier government interventions have helped reduce the budget deficit and improve public finances.

35 Budget Day (Prince's Day)

On the third Tuesday in September (Prince's Day), the Minister of Finance presents the National Budget and the Budget Memorandum to the House of Representatives.

36 Statement in support of Belgrade Pride parade 2014

The 2014 edition of the Belgrade Pride Week will take place from 22-29 September. The Pride March is planned on Sunday 28 September 2014 in the center of Belgrade, from the Government Building to the square in front of City Hall. The Pride organizers are asserting their right to peaceful assembly as enshrined in Serbia’s constitution. The Netherlands supports the organization of the Belgrade Pride Week and calls upon Serbian political leaders and holders of office in the relevant authorities to facilitate a peaceful and secure environment for the Pride Week and Pride March this year.

37 Ambassade Belgrado zoekt kandidaten voor Essay Prize (€ 1000)

De Nederlandse ambassade in Belgrado is op zoek naar een Nederlandstalige historicus of geschiedenisstudent die een geschiedkundig onderzoek zal verrichten naar de diplomaat Jacob Colyer, die in 1699 succesvol bemiddelde tussen de Heilige Alliantie en het Ottomaanse Rijk in Sremski Karlovci in hedendaags Servië bij de Vrede van Karlowitz.

38 Reizen door Servië

In de zomermaanden reizen veel Nederlanders met de auto via Servië richting hun vakantiebestemming. Reizen door Servië is goed mogelijk, er zijn echter een aantal zaken waar u rekening mee moet houden

39 The Netherlands and Human Rights

Human rights are the cornerstone of human dignity, freedom and development, and form the basis for open and free societies all over the world.

40 Day of mourning in the Netherlands

Wednesday, 23 July has been declared a day of mourning in the Netherlands in order to pay respect to victims of the flight MH17. Flags on government buildings are at half-mast and throughout the Netherlands citizens will observe one minute of silence at 16:00.