Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia

Procedures for asylum seekers from Western Balkan countries

High numbers of people from Western Balkan countries have taken advantage of the Dutch asylum system. Therefore the Netherlands has taken new measures.

These measures include:

* Albania, Serbia, the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro were put on the national list of ‘safe countries of origin’. Asylum applications by nationals from these countries will in principle be refused.

* The application request will be processed in a short and simplified asylum procedure. This fast asylum procedure will take no longer than one week.

* After the refusal of the asylum request the migrants have to leave the Netherlands immediately.

* Asylum applicants from these countries who are refused, will be banned to enter the Schengen area for two years.

After the negative decision on the asylum application, the migrant will be transferred to a closed facility with limited services, until he or she leaves the Netherlands.

During their brief stay migrants cannot make use of additional services.

IOM will provide support to those who return voluntarily. No additional re-integration support is provided. For those not returning voluntarily, forced return will be applied.

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